Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, Tuesday.........

Dancing with the stars is not as fun as it was. Maybe cause the competition has seemed to come to this plateau where they aren't getting any better. No one is really "breaking out" from the crowd.

Shannon Elizabeth was the one to go this week. That leaves us with Kristi Yamaguchi, Marissa Palet, Jason Taylor, Mario, and Cristian De La Fuente.

Each did 2 dances this week. During Cristian and Cheryl's second dance, something pulled in Cristian's arm. Cheryl said she heard something and thought she had torn her dress. No, it was the tendon in Cristian's arm rupturing. Ouch! They did not complete their second dance as he was to hold her in a "drop" but he couldn't. His arm didn't have the strength.

Everyone will really need to bring it next week! Go Marissa! (I have to cheer on the fat girl!)


Okay, here we go with Idol's Neil Diamond week. He has so many songs, it must have been hard to choose. Plus the fact that these kids are young enough, they might not even know who he was! The kids sang 2 songs this week. It was too fast paced for me. I didn't like the show's format. I think the judges should have gotten to give their critique after each song, not on both at once. Even though, we don't where Paula's mind was, as she couldn't decifer between Jason's first song and David Cook's. She thought David's first song was Jason's second? Well, according to her notes..............What really is in that Coke cup of hers?

Round 1.............

Jason sang Forever in Blue Jeans. This was his best EVER! It wasn't great. But it was Jason's best. I was able to hear him and understand all the words. I think the song fit him, too. He always wears blue jeans.

David Cook did I'm Alive. It was awesome! 'Nuff said.

Brooke White did I'm a Believer. Written by Neil Diamond, made famous by the Monkees. Yep the Monkees. I thought she rocked it for as much as Brooke rocks. She could have had more fun with it. She looks so nervous all the time.

David A. Sweet Caroline. Didn't like his version of it. It's a real light ditty and it just wasn't him. It was too slow.

Syesha did Hello Again. She did a nice job. Loved the hair and her dress. It was purple, ya know!

Round 2..........

Jason did September Morn. Back to the same ol' Jason............

David C. All I Really Need is You. It was incredible! Made my eyes tear up!

Brooke. I Am I Said. She should have made this so much bigger than she did. Changing the lyrics to Arizona instead of New York was cute as per Neil's suggestion.

David A. America. Not a good one either.

Syesha did Thank the Lord for the Nighttime. I like it. It was a pretty good rendition.

I think that David C. chose those songs for his brother. That's all I could think of as he sang his 2 selections. I know that's what made my eyes fill up during the second song.

My nephew thought that the reference to being lost between two shores In I Am I Said should have been changed since Arizona isn't on the shore. But, I think the reference was okay because Arizona is definitely between the two shores.......

Can we PLEASE get rid of Jason this week?????? Please people. I voted all my votes for David C. Then I called from Dean's phone and used all those votes for David C. as well. Did ya vote?

You know what they say........If you don't vote, you can't bitch.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's he-e-e-ere

The trickle down effect of the gasoline prices is really starting to become apparent. Dean went to the grocery store today and got some essentials like stuff to make salad, milk, bread, lunch meat, paper towels. Just little stuff. $80! Holy cow! What's it going to come to? I guess we will have to start forgoing our little luxeries in life-eating out once a week, drinking on occasion, having my nails done, going to breakfast on Saturdy mornings, going to the races or bowling on Saturday nites, and going camping.
The government has to do something. This just isn't right. Pretty soon, the only thing we will be able to do is go back and forth to work. Maybe the whole country should go on welfare. I definitely notice the food price going up. Not so much on clothes yet. Yet.
Dean and I went clothes shopping yesterday, and if you know me, you know that actually going to the store and looking for things, trying them on and then buying them is NOT me. I hate it. But yesterday wasn't too bad, actually. I knew what I wanted. A few pairs of Capri pants and tops to match. I ended up with 3 outfits from Value City, where I used to work. Dean had no luck there. So, off to Walmart. They have redeisgned the store. It's very nice. We no longer have any self checkouts, which sucks. I am sure it is because they were having alot of theft. They also no longer have a men's big and tall department. The bigger sizes are just mixed in with everything else. So, Dean found some shorts, tried them on and then I found some nice button down pullovers to match the shorts. He ended up with 4 pairs of shorts and 5 or 6 shirts, I think. He's not one that buys himself clothes very often, nor am I, so it was a good shopping experience. We also got weed and feed for the lawn, a new portable grill to take for tailgating at the racetrack (again, if we can afford the gas to go) and a new throw rug for in front of the front door in the living room.
We did go to the races last nite, and it got a bit chilly as the wind was never quitting. e front was going through, so the wind was relentless.
We usually take a cooler with refreshments, and last nite was no exception. I usually take diet mug root beer, but I had made iced tea yesterday, so I took that in a couple of empty water bottles. Big mistake. After the races, we hung out by the fire and talked with our friends. We probably ended up leaving the track at 1:30 a.m. We stopped for gas on the way home, and talked the whole way. When we got home, Dean nestled in on the couch as is his usual, and I put my clothes away. So, I figured while I was doing that, I might as well get rid of some stuff in my closet that I don't wear any more. Well, that lead to me cleaning out all my drawers as well! I just wasn't tired. (caffeine from the tea)
Then I came in on the computer and dinked around, did the previous post, and some other stuff, and finally went to be at 4:15 a.m.! I really shouldn't have drank the iced tea so late in the evening.........I got up at 10:30 today, and cleaned while Dean went to the store and then put the groceries away while he put the weed and feed on the lawn. After lunch, (we skipped breakfast today. Go figure)I took a snooze on the couch while the race and the Penguins game was on. Pens win 2 in a row at home over the Rangers! Goooooooooo Pens! Now I'm tired just thinking about it.
Seems my grand nephew, Tyler is becoming quite the baseball player. In his last game, he got a ground rule double ( the ball got stuck in the fence) and an over-the-fence homerun! And he was called in to be the relief pitcher and did really well with that! The umpir even gave him his home run ball! Great job, Ty! Keep it up!

Tyler, future MLB-er(?) Could be. They grow 'em good down south!
He's such a great kid! Love ya, Ty!


Well, in my last episode of posting, (Try to keep up and watch me for the changes) I mentioned that there was no Administrative Professional Day acknowledgement for me from my boss and the others I do things for at our office. I was hurt that day, because I think that my boss and the "others" think quite highly of me as they know I am a reliable and trustworthy employee.
THEN, it was pointed out to me that all of our desk calendars in the office are misprinted, noting that APD or Secretary's day is on the Wednesday! The other calendars that are on the walls of the office(s) make no reference to the day at all, so that all they had to rely on was the desk calendars. I'm glad I'm more reliable that the desk calendars. And I should have known. They had the Super Bowl being played on a Monday.................
So, we will just go with the 30th and not tell my boss any different. She has enough stress with her son's upcoming wedding, his fiance's upcoming bridal shower, and the everyday goings on with her mom, plus a husband and running a business, 2 businesses really, and Helping her husband with his 2 businesses and trying to have a life. Oh, she's also hosting a birthday party for one of her friends. Whew. With all that, I had just thought she forgot. But no. It's just the calendar's fault, rather the printer of the calendar's fault........

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

America must be F#@%in' CRAZY.....

Did ya vote? What show were you watching? Did ya dial the wrong numbers? How in HELL do Carly and Syesha end up in the bottom 2? And they send Carly home? Whaaaaat?

It must have been past Jason's bedtime, cause when they showed him with Brooke and the bottom 2 backstage, he was yawning. Sorry to keep you awake for the results, butthole.
I don't even think he knows what greatness he was in the presence of. Andrew Lloyd Weber. Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber. You may call him Lord Andrew if you wish. He has been knighted by the Queen of England. He was a child prodigy. He wrote his 1st composition at age 9. Have you written anything, Jason? He has written many musicals in his years. Do you have any idea? Probably not. You are probably too stoned.

I voted a bunch of times for the Davids. I voted for Syesha. I was indifferent about Carly. But Jason and Brooke? Are you f----in' kiddin' me? These should have been bottom 2. No question. Jason sucks and brooke doesn't have the confidence to bethe Idol winner. She'd never be able to handle the pressure.

So, I ask. Are we watching the same American Idol?

Next week is Neil Diamond week. I hope Brook does "You don't bring me Flowers". Oh, wait. That should be Jason's choice. Brooke shoud do Love is in the Air. I hope David C does Cherri. David A should do Sweet Caroline. Syesha-Comin' to America. But, he has a vast library of songs, so we shall see.

Now, try to keep up and watch me for the changes.....

That's my truck

Dean and I have an '04 Arrival Blue Chevy Silverado, And believe me, when we step on it , it goes! It pulls our old '1978 camper fully loaded through the Mountains in the West Virginia panhandle with no problems at all! So, our truck definitely has a set. Maybe more than one set.
So, the guys with trucks that have those set of testicles hanging from the rear bumper or their receiver for their hitch, what are they saying? If your truck has 'em, you don't have to show 'em! I think it's the guys that have little penis syndrome. You've heard of Little man syndrome?: where a guy who is shorter in stature than the average man talks louder, or is more abnoxious than is allowable by law, the notice me, notice me thing; Little penis syndrome is sort of the same thing: A man who over compensates by having the biggest of everything else; truck, house, or just has to have more toys than everyone else. You know the old saying "He's got a Porche in the garage cause there ain't nothin' in his shorts".
I just find it weird that men put those on their trucks. Besides, I have never seen a real set that look like that. It's so weird. And they come in colors! I have seen red, blue, chrome, and brass.

Brown, Brass, Chrome

Black, Blue, Red

Neon Pink, Flesh(?)

And after lookin' around on line to get these pics for ya, I find out there are ones that are supposed to resemble humans and others to resemble a bull's! The pic of the brass ones above are the "bull's".

Now, while we were out and about as per a usual Saturday morning, I saw I Ford duelly that was huge, with a set on the back of it. They were a pinkish color, (probably trying to resemble fleshtone) not neon, and were probably generic or something, cause the upper part of the "sac" was flat, not with the wrinkles like in these pictures.

What are ya tryin' to prove, guys? And what will they think of next?
(Sorry, Dave. Hope this doesn't hurt to see.)
We went to the races Saturday night, but right after our friend Billy's heat race, we got rained out. They didn't get any of the features in. Double show this week if we don't get rain!
Dancing With the Stars started out kinda boring for me this week. Kristi's jive was phenominal, as was Marissa's Viennese Waltz. The rest? eh. Marlee needs to go home. She has missed steps every week, and this week was her worst! Guess what? She was the one to go home!
Did you see the commercial during Idol for the new Pixar movie "Wall-E"? It looks very cute and the robot named Wall E resembles #5 from the movie "Short Circuit". You remember. "No Disassemble! No Disassemble! 5 still alive!" Yeah. Him. I think it's one I want to see.
Then, it "popped in my head, that my nephew used to have a friend named Wally. Wonder if he ever kept in touch with him or knows where and what he's doing now.
So the Idol top 6 performed songs of Andrew Lloyd Weber. Wow, what a vast choice of music to choose from! He wrote the songs for alot of shows including: Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joey and the Technicolored Dreamcoat, and of course, Phantom of the Opera.
Syesha sang "One Rock and Roll Too Many" from Starlight Express. She really nailed it! She was sooo awesome!

Jason chose to do "Memories" from Cats. I thought, ok, here's his chance to do it up big.....And he didn't. Jason must not have big. Again, he sounded the same. Please let him go home....

Brooke did "You Must Love Me" from Evita. Once she got over forgetting the lyrics (good thing she's not on Wayne Brady's show) I thought she did pretty good with it. What I don't understand is why these singers opt to sit when they sing. It's one of the worst things they can do as their air needs to come from the diaphram. If you are sitting, the diaphram cannot expand as when standing, and it makes it tough to hit the big notes and hold the long ones. I digress.......

David Archuleta's "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera was just intense! He gave me goosebumps! Fab U Lus! OMG & WOW!

Carly did a ver "rock" version of "Superstar" from Jesus Christ, Superstar. It was really good, but, I like the original version.

David Cook chose "Music of the Night" from Pantom. Goosebumps, my eyes filled up, it was sooo awesome! OMG & WOW again!

Phantom of the Opera is my favoritist (I know that's not a word) Andrew Lloyd Weber works. What a very talented man! I will be definitely downloading David C's Music of the Night from iTunes! We'll find out in about an hour who goes home.........(Please let it be Jason, please let it be Jason, PLEASE LET IT BE JASON!)
And lastly for now, today was professional Administrative Assistant's Day or Secretary's Day. I think with the upcoming bridal shower and wedding, my boss simply forgot. Maybe we'll celebrate tomorrow.................

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Results; Dancing was boring

Okaaaaaayy. No stools and no couch. What's up with this? David C, Kristy Lee and Brooke on the left. Jason, Carly and Syesha on the right. David A is safe, but not told what side to go to. What? Too many cooks in the kitchen? David C switches sides with Syesha per Ryan's instructions. David A is told to go to the sid that he thinks is safe. He sits down in the middle of the stage and Ryan tries to coax him to the right. He ain't goin'. So, Ryan brings Carly, Jason (booooo) and David Cook to the middle of the stage to sit with David A. They all stand together. They are all safe.

Kristy Lee, Brooke and Syesha are the bottom 3.

Syesha is safe.

The one going home tonight: Kristy Lee.

That means Brooke is safe.

Kristy Lee sings her exit song to Simon. Very fitting............
Dancing with the Stars wasn't all that great this week.
Marlee lost her step a number of times.
Priscilla didn't really dance, she moved slowly and posed. Like Vogue? She was voted off the island this week. I mean show. Island is a different show!
Jason is usually always pretty good, He didn't disappoint.
Cristian was i=okay.
Kristi is always flawless.
Mario was okay.
Marissa- alot of energy, that girl has. I just like her. She has such an infectious smile!
Shannon- she did okay too.
I guess I just wasn't feeling it this week. Probably just me.

Time for Idol; A day in the life, with subtitles.....

And now, This is Ah MER ican IDOL!
David A- When You Believe-WOW! I thought he had 1 little pitch problem, but that could have been the sound on our TV in the bedroom.
Carly - Without You-REALLY GOOD~! Love the song, love the dress, love the necklace, love the shoes, love the hair and make up.The Judges thought she held back. Did she? Not to me. Syesha-Vanishing- Some pitch problems, but a tough song. I wouldn't be surprised if she "vanished" off the show tonight.
Brooke- Hero- She was shaking so badly. But she did a good job with it.
Kristy Lee-Forever- WOW and she looked gorgeous! Again, I loved the dress, make up, hair.
David C-Always My Baby- LOVED IT! Fantastic job, great arrangement. He got really emotional. His brother was in the audience.
Jason-I Don't Wanna Cry- Boring. Dawg, check it out. Everything he sings sounds the same. The judges thought it was Brilliant? Pa LEEZ!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming........already in progress.

A FIVE HOUR MORNING.......Saturday morning, Dean and I headed out early, as the dogs had a 9:00 groomer appointment. Then we headed to breakfast. They were jammed at the diner, so we waited at the counter until a booth became available. There was new cook in the kitchen, and that is never good at the diner. Over an hour later, we get to eat and leave the diner. Our food was put on the plates so unpresentable, (Dean's over easy eggs were all broken, my scrambled egg on my bagel sandwich didn't even hit the bagel), Bunny didn't charge us for our meals.
Then we head to the meat store. Dean was in and outta there! Then to Home Depot. It was a fact finding trip. Dean wants to do something more with the stepping stones off the back deck. It doesn't like the way it looks. We leave Depot and head to Lowe's. They have some of the same stuff and some stuff that is way cooler than Depot! Then it is finally time to pick the dogs up from the groomer's, then we head to PetSmart to buy them new collars, leashes and bowls. Dean doesn't like that they can push their bowls all over the kitchen, so he wanted bowls that fit in the little metal stands. The price? 20 - 32 bucks a piece including bowls. And we need 2! They each have their dinner bowls, there's a bowl for water and a bowl that has dry food in it 24/7. So, for $40-$64, we will tolerate them pushing the bowls across the floor. Tiff, my mom's poodle, would actually pick her bowl up and bang it on the floor! It meant she wanted milk! Then we finally get to go back home. We left the house at 8:30 am, and get back a 1:40 pm! Now, that's a morning...............
Saturday nite, Dean and I headed out to see . Here's a pic of them on stage.....

Brett P, Lead guitar, vocals; Scott Luff, Lead vocals; Dave W, Bass and vocals; Chuck S, keyboards and vocals; and in the back on drums, Randy K.

We enjoyed a good dinner. Dean had pizza and wings and I had Veal parm w/pasta and salad. Dean drank a few pitchers of beer, while I had a Kaluha and Cream, then drank Pepsi, as I was the DD as usual. (Designated Driver)
AN UPCOMING WEDDING.......At the end of the evening's performance by our favorite local country band, we find out that the bass player, Dave, and his girlfriend, Lindsay, have gotten engaged and will be married in September! Her ring is absolutely gorgeous! She asks for our address, as well as Tom and Lisa's so we can be invited to the wedding! How cool is it that just a couple of years ago or so, we were merely fans of the band, and we have evolved to being enough of friends that we are invited to the wedding?! Neat, huh? The lead singer, Scott, will serve as best man. Can't wait for that one!
THAT'S SO ILLEGAL......So, after gabbing for quite a while, it's time to go. We leave and opt to go via the parkway from the turnpike@ Monroeville and plan on getting off at Swissvale. (like you'd go to Kennywood from out that way) BUT, as we come down the hill past Channel 4, there are brake lights like you wouldn't believe. I stop and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait................Dean says to back up the on ramp that is right next to us. I really don't want to, it is SOOOO illegal! But, every one else seemed to be doing it too, so he finally convinced me and I backed up, then cut across the grass circle inside the loop of the on ramp and over the bridge! No flashing lights came after me, but we were back on the parkway headed back the way we came when I caught my breath again. We headed down Rt. 48 and through McKeesport. We finally got home about 4 am.
The next day while watching the morning news, they show that particular spot on the parkway with all the traffic. A fatal accident had occurred. That's sad. It took them hours to get it cleaned up. And there on the short clip they had shown? A Blue Silverado cutting thru the grass! Great. Caught on film. Thank god they couldn't see the license plate, but if they really wanted to it could be enhanced like on CSI..........I think all the cops were busy with the accident!
GETTING UP THE SAME TIME YOU WENT TO BED......Sunday we spent the day being lethargic after our late nite out. And Monday morning, I had to take Dean to work because he had to get ready for an early breakfast party or something. I had to get up at 4 am. Nothing like getting up the same time you went to bed the day before..........

Friday, April 11, 2008

Unexpected phone call

Dean usually calls me on my cell every work day between 12:30 and 1:00 pm, when he takes his lunch. Today he called at 10:55 am. He sounded really up, so I didn't think anything was wrong. After a bit of chit chat, he says "Your son's picture is in the paper!" I asked "For What?" while cringing. Given Nick's past, I was afraid it might be something bad. Very bad.
He tells me "For playing the guitar!" There's a picture of him in this morning's Post Gazette! I asked him to save it for me, and he brought it home. Since it didn't scan well, I "borrowed" the picture from the Post Gazette website. Here's the picture complete with caption:

JAM SESSION Nik Callahan jams on a sunny day in front of the Western Pennsylvania
Musicians Group on Forest Avenue in West Homestead. Mr. Callahan and his band
practice at the facility a couple nights a week.

The photo must have been taken earlier this week, cause it was rainy and yucky here today and yesterday.

I don't know if Nick is using the N I K spelling of his name as his "stage" name or if the reporter doesn't know how to spell. The Photographer is John Heller.

Since he hasn't called me in a while, it was good to see that he looks good and is ok. A mother's heart kinda sinks when someone tells you that your kid's picture is in the paper, and you think that it can't be good. But it was!

If you want to see a larger version, go to scroll to near the bottom and find something that says daily photo journal, (it's under a heading that says PG Photos) click on that, and scroll down again. There will be a box that has a date in it. If it's not Friday, April 11, 2008, change it to that date and the pics from today will come up, and there he'll be!


Shocker Idol results last nite! Bottom 3? Carly, Michael and Syesha. And they did it different this week.They brought out all the safe ones and left the bottom 3 for last, so once there were 5 safe, they knew they were the ones in trouble.
Who got sent home? MICHAEL? Are you freakin' kiddin' me? America, you ARE CRA-ZEE!
But like I said before, it's going to be harder and harder to say goodbye to these kids as they go. I just thought Micheal would be around a little longer.......

I, however will wait to hear about Michael Johns in the future. Some one will sign him and i will buy his CD. He's very good-looking and has a great voice. He's not done.

And I thought that Jordan Sparks wasn't making any noise after winning Idol. Wrong! Platinum for a million downloads! Gold for 500,000 Cd's sold! And platinum for for a million singles of "Air" sold! Great job, Jordan. And didn't she look beautiful in her performance?
Do you watch Eli Stone? If you like Boston Legal, you'll like this show! Last night the law firm took on a case of gay chimps that the zoo seperated because of their gay behavior. So, they went to court to get them back together, as the one left at the zoo was dying of a broken heart. He had ailments that he would eventually die from because he didn't have his "friend" anymore. The judge ruled that they be reunited!
Eli takes on a case for the rights of inmates at a prison where the warden is abusing the inmates, concocting stories about why they are not eligible for parole, and has them all bullied. Of course he gets a deal where the warden resigns, and they settle for millions. It's a good show. Check it out if you haven't already. Thursdays at 10 on ABC.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Paso Doble vs. Viennese Waltz; No time to be idle on Idol; BL is back!

Those that know ballroom, or have watched dancing with the stars, know that the Paso Doble` is much like the Tango in that it is a passionate dance, but instead of being about two lovers in a love, hate, love relationship as is the Tango, the Paso is the dance between a bullfighter and his love and how love conquers all.

Mario, Marissa, Kristi and Adam did the Paso.

Mario looked quite good in the gold suit. He has an infectious smile. He did much better this week than last! It was a pretty good job.
Marissa, again with the Mary Lou Retton, never ending smile, and her Paso was great! Tony gave her really difficult choreography and she nailed it!
Kristi is always good.
Adam Corolla did pretty well and I am sorry that Julienne Hough will not get the 3-peat as champion, but Adam was too tough to train. He is finally gone!

The Viennese Waltz is a beautiful, flowing 3 count dance that is elegant when performed.

Shannon, Jason, Priscilla and Marlee did the Waltz. All of them performed beautifully, though Jason did noticeably stumble, and was still given very high scores! I don't think that was really fair!

But, finally, America has voted and Adam Corolla, the biggest ass since Gilbert Godfried, is gone! Yea!
American Idol is coming down to the point where these kids better really step up! So here's who chose what on "Inspirational" Week:
Michael Johns: Aerosmith's Dream On. I think he pretty much nailed it, but he's not Steve Tyler! He seemed to struggle with the high parts, but then, so do I. Maybe he should have arranged it so he left out that part?
Syesha did Fantasia's Believe. It was a big song, but she did pretty good with it.
Jason's Somewhere Over The Rainbow sounded the same as all his other performances. Sorry, but, he should have done the Judy Garland version and tried to impress us.
Kristy Lee chose Martina McBride's Anyway. I love this sog and Kristy did a GREAT job with it! I don't think there will be a bottom 3 for her this week!
David cook did Innocent. I don't know this song, but I liked it. It was a good performance for him!
Carly Simon did Freddie Mercury's The Show Must Go On. I am not real familiar with this song, but have heard it a few times. I thought she did a really good job with it, but she really needs to smile more, Yes I know it was a serious song.......
David Archuleta sang Angels while accompanying himself on piano. I don't know this song, either, but I though he had 1 little pitch problem, but his big ol' voice came shining through!
Brooke White did Carole King's/James Taylor's You've Got A Friend. Of all the songs for not to play the piano, this should have been the one which she did. all along, I thought her songs have been kind of Carole King-ish, and this one that actually was a Carole Kingsong, fell flat for me. Sorry. (Am I starting to sound like Simon?) Idol Gives Back is tomorrow night, so we wont know results till Thursday............
Boston Legal is back! Yea! I love Denny Crane without pants! His boxers are cool! Wiring himself to cry? You know that was going to go awry! (Yes, I know I'm a poet!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Silent support

This American Idol hopeful, David Cook, performing 2 weeks ago.

Have you been wondering why the initials AC are on David Cook's Guitar?
It is to encourage and support his brother, Adam, who is battling cancer. It is reported that David hasn't shared this family crisis with the public out of respect for his brother, and didn't want the sympathy vote from Idol fans.
I hope Adam is victorious in his battle, and David is victorious, or at least runner up, in his.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Something Larger than Life.......

Probably considered one of Hollywood's greatest hunks, Charleton Heston died yesterday at age 84. A ripe age by most standards. He had a very productive career as an actor and a President of the NRA. His movie roles were many including:

Judah Ben Hur in the Movie BEN HUR


Which were probably his two most known roles. He was in Planet of the Apes, the Naked Jungle, Earthquake, The Three Muskateers, Midway, Soylent Green, Treasure Island, and Alaska, to name a few. He even hosted Saturday Nite Live!

Even though he looks aged here, it's not as old as the age he portrayed Moses to be at 120.

This is probably one of the last public photos of Chuck. He had suffered from Alzheimer's for a few years, and I am sure his looks suffered for it. He leaves a beuatiful wife and two kids, a daughter and a son. His son had the role of the infant Moses in the Ten Commandments!

Most of his roles were those of characters larger than life. The world has lost a talented man.

This last picture reminds me of my dad. I remember when the Ten Commandments would air on TV on Palm Sunday weekend when I was a kid. It was such along movie, they played the first half on Saturday nite and the second half on Sunday. Dad and I watched it every year. I should start doing that again...........

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUU!

This most beautiful lady is my sister, Darlene, and today is her birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate her day. Why does Arkansas have to be so far away?....... I know she is having a birthday lunch at Dave and Shan's and that Brian and Carla came down last weekend and they had a celebration. Emily made a cake.

And here she is showing it off. Aunt Carla helped her a bit.

Mimi (that's what her grandkids call her) blows out the candles.

Dave and Shan Emily and Tyler

Carla and Brian
So, now you have faces to go with the names. Dave's birthday is next. The 20th of this month. Then Emily, then Tyler, both in July.
But, today, we are wishing Happy Birthday to Darlene. The best Sister in the entire World!

A cake made by Dean

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here's one for ya..........

The post below is a headline on Comcast news. The parts in blue are my comments. The text in black is the actual story. This photo accompanied the actual story.........

I guess Emily will have to wait until she's at least 18.........................
I know she's 5 and seems to be going on 30, but..............check this out.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas' marriage-age crisis is over. A law that mistakenly allowed anyone — even toddlers — to marry with parental permission was repealed by a measure signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Mike Beebe, ending months of embarrassment for the state and confusion for county clerks.
Lawmakers didn't realize until after the end of last year's regular session that a law they approved, intended to establish 18 as the minimum age for marriage, instead removed the minimum age to marry entirely. An extraneous "not" in the bill allowed anyone who was not pregnant to marry at any age with permission.
The bill read: "In order for a person who is younger than eighteen (18) years of age and who is not pregnant to obtain a marriage license, the person must provide the county clerk with evidence of parental consent to the marriage."

(It should have read "who is pregnant...")

Some lawmakers called for a special session last year, saying the error would make it easy for pedophiles to take advantage of the law. Gov. Mike Beebe said he didn't see any imminent crisis and said the chances of children marrying under the law were slim.
Legislators, however, had the chance for a do-over this week when Beebe convened a special session to consider a hike in the state's severance tax on natural gas. They repealed the botched law, and reinstated 17 as the minimum age to marry for boys and 16 for girls.
Rep. Will Bond, the sponsor of the botched 2007 law and its correction, apologized for the error and asked his colleagues to "throw me a rope and bail me out here."
"I always thought if you put your name on a bill, you should be ready to take the blame if you're willing to accept the credit," Bond said Wednesday.
Bond, a Democrat, said there hadn't been any reports of young children attempting to marry under the 2007 law.

Guess Emily missed her chance............
This past weekend, we had slight tease from Mother Nature with some nice weather. It didn't last. Yesterday and today was cold. Now that I am pre-menopausal age, I get hot flashes. This morning while I was still in bed and Dean was getting ready for work, they hit. I throw off the covers, then put them back on. It's like a game. I get cooled off, put the covers back on, and get another and throw them back off. This morning, however, Dean comes in earlier than usual to kiss me goodbye and tells me the furnace isn't working and it's only 64 degrees in the house right now. (Are you kidding me? I hadn't noticed!) So, when I get up, will I call J & A and see if someone can come today? Since the A in J & A is Anthony Passatore, who Dean, Vince an Mark grew up with, we always call him when we need a heating or A/C repair. And the nice part is that we don't have to be home to wait for a repairman as per usual circumstances. We leave the door unlocked and they let themselves in, do their thing, and lock up when they leave. There's not too many people you can trust like that these days. Not that we have anything that's worth much anyway, and we NEVER keep cash in the house. So, when Dean left I got up. I do feel it's chilly in the house. I look at the thermostat. It's 61 degrees. I turned the oven and stove burners on, but don't go back to bed. I sit up and watch TV so as to be able to keep an I on the stove and oven. By 7:15 when I start to get ready for work, it's a very warm 77 degrees. I turn everything off and go get my shower.
As I am leaving for work, I call. I talked to Joe and he said he'd have someone here today. I told him the door would be open.
Anyway, I told them to leave the bill on the kitchen counter and I would run a check up to the office tomorrow, as it is about a 1/2 mile from where I work. Dean got home, called me and told me the furnace was working and the cover had been put back on, so he knew they had been there, but there was no bill left on the counter. So, it's either a freebie, or he's going to figure it up later and mail it. I'll wait a few days and see. If we don't get a bill by next Tuesday, I'll call and see what we owe them, if anything. I thought they would at least call and tell us the problem.

Heating and Cooling

Phone Number: 1-800-421-8670

Mailing Address:
J & A
2316 Old Bethel Church Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102-2972

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No long hair in NFL?; Dancing; Truckers Idle: Idol Take; Out to Dinner

They have said in the news that the NFL is trying to impose a rule that a player's hair cannot be long enough as to cover their name and/or number on the back of their jerseys. Why? I remember a while back when the MBL had a rule about facial hair on players. Tht rule didn't last long. I really don't think that the NFL can make a player cut their long, beautiful locks like Troy Polamalu's, but it might be a good idea to have them tuck it up. I remember several occasions when the opponent's player that was trying to tackle Troy after he intercepted the ball, grabbing him by the hair.

So, if that is the reason the NFL wants this rule, then let the players tuck their hair under a dew rag or something. Don't make them cut it!


Well, the stars shone on Monday night. Marissa did a great jive I thought. The judges were hard on her saying they expect more from her? Yes, she's performer in musicals on broadway, but damn! The jive is hard!

Cristian was probably the most improved this week! He and Cheryl looked great!

Shannon Elizabeth's gold outfit was the bomb. Very sassy. She did a great jive as well. And man does she have long legs!

Marlee did the jive as well. She does a great job. I can't imagine how much concentration it must take her when she can't really hear the music! She lost her timing a couple of times, but it was still a really good job!

Adam Carolla is an ass. He improved this week, but he's an ass. Get him off the show already.

Kristi Yamaguchi is elegant. Don't know what hair and make up were thinking when they did her hair? She looked like she had snakes plastered on her forehead and face! Her Tango was really good, but she has that ballet advantage. I would guess that most skaters take the ballet to learn grace, posture, hand position, things like that.

Priscilla is just a flowing, moving, graceful class of a lady. Her plastic surgery is atrocious, but, I understand she is undergoing a long, slow process of corrective surgery. Her doctor ended up in jail, then was later deported to his homeland for using non FDA approved injections.

Mario has a smile that won't quit. He moves pretty well, but this week he was lacking. His personal appearance schedule really conflicted with dance rehearsal time an it showed!

Jason Taylor has some natural ablility that is just uncanny. His lines(where he holds his arms and his hands) are good, he moves well, he has great posture. I think he could win this.

Steve Guttenberg aka the Gutte. I think he really nailed the Tango and improved greatly. So did the judges. But America sent him home. Marissa thought is was going to be her. So did I.


With fuel cost soaring through the roof, independent truckers tried to make a statement by demonstrating in DC, pulling to the side of the road, of slowing down considerably on the highway. Here in PA, they circled the State Capitol Building and no one could drive in or out of there! I applaud their efforts! The problem is, that one day of this will not have any effect on what they are trying to prove. They need 3 days, amybe a week to be effective. The problem with that is that they can't not work for a week. They have families t support and a week without income would be devastating for them. With a tank of fuel costing them $1200 to $1500, And a tank full only lasting 2 days of driving, how can they afford to keep operating? Now, here's one for ya. 3 truckers outside Chicago, I think it was, got tickets for going to slow on the highway. What about that? Do they give a ticket to the grandpa so and so that is going 45 mph in the fast lane? No. But let a few truckers try and make a stand............Somebody needs to do something about the oil companies dicatating our lives. And that's what it will be. They will raise the gasoline prices and we have to choose between buying food for our families and buying fuel for our vehicles to gt back and forth to work so we have money to buy food, and buying luxuries or going out to dinner and/or movies, racing, or any fun stuff. Our lives will become very opressed. We will only be able to afford to go back and forth to work, buy food (and do that on your way home from work cause you won't be able to afford gas to make any extra trips to the store) and maybe heat your home in the winter months and cook your food, do laundry and take hot showers the rest of the time. Grocery costs are going up as well as a result of the fuel costs to get the groceries to the store by truck from the distributers, manufacturers and warehouses! Next it will be clothing costs and vehicle costs. It'a domino affect. The only thing not going up? Our paychecks!


Another exciting week for American Idol! Dolly Parton is getting preetty old, but with all her nips and tucks, augmentation, and liposuction, she looks damn good. The Idols all had to do Dolly songs this week, and most of them chose songs that suited them just great!

Brooke did Jolene. It was a good choice for her, but a safe choice. It was a good rendition, but not remarkable.

David Cooke did Little Sparrow and his original version just rocked! Absolutely loved it! I would buy that single if he recorded it. I will definitely download it!

Ramiele chose Do I cross your mind? Not a remarkable performance by her. Her jumper seemed to be all bunched up and sh didn't make a nice appearance. And was her right knee swollen?

Jason did Travelin' Through. Good rendition, passionate performance, but he just sounds the same week after week.

Carly's Here You Come Again was great! WOW! I do agree with Simon that her wardrobe needs to step up a bit now.

David Archuleta chose Smoky Mountain Memories. Great choice for him! He actually gave me goosebumps down my leg!

Kristy Lee'sCoat of Many Colors was really good. She is definitely a country girl! She looked beautiful, barefeet and all. I don't think she'll win this, but she will get a deal of some sort out of it.

Syesha decided on I Will Always Love You. I knew that was the song she would do as soon as I knew it was Dolly Parton week. She's no Whitney Houston, but she didn't do Dolly's version either. She made it her own. It was good, but I don't think she should be compared to Whitney, she should only be judged on her.

Michael did It's All Wrong and WOW! I absolutely loved it!

So, the bottom 3? Brooke, Kristy Lee (again) and Ramiele. I agree with Brooke and Ramiele this week, but I thought the 3rd would be Jason for sure. Wrong!

And poor little emotional Ramiele was sent home! I liked her. But like I said last week, it is just going to get harder and harder to pick who goes.


Dean had a haircut today at 5 and I ad a nail appointment. So, we decided that we would probably both be done about the same time, so we shouldmeet somewhere for dinner. We decided on Red Lobster since we had a gift card that we had gotten for Christmas from Tom and Lisa. We ordered drinks and got an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms, scallops wrapped in bacon and fried clams with dip. It was really good! For out entrees, Dean ordered shrimp linguine alfredo and I ordered crab linguine alfredo. It came with side salads and cheesy biscuits. Salads and biscuits were great too! Then our dinners come. My crab is SO salty! Itry to eat it, but after about a 3rd of it, I could feel my lips starting to shrivel from so much salt. Dean said sent it back and get something else, but by the time I would do that and get my replacement food, he would be jsut about done eating and I would just get my new food. After nudging from him and the waitress, I opt to get the same dish as Dean. It was much better, but he was done eating and fidgeting and getting angry and blah blah blah. I wasn't able to enjoy it with the look he had on his face. Sometimes I swear am with Chef Gordon Ramsey and it's a Kitchen Nightmare episode. I guess because he's in the food industry, he has less tolerance for imperfection. I think that some times he has a stopwatch in his head and he times how long it takes to get our table, for the server to acknowledge us, get our drink order and bring those, get our appetizer and salads, drink refills and the time between salad and entree, and then to clear the table and bring the check!

The waitress offered us free dessert, as is their protocol when you do not like your meal. We declined, so the next step was to send the manager to the table and talk to us. He comped my meal entirely. So, with the gift card, our bill was $10 with tip! Not a great dining experience, but at least it was easy on the bank account!