Friday, August 28, 2009

Wee Wee Spent the Weekend; What a Monday!

Wee Wee was at our house this weekend. Here's the pictures. Isn't he a cutie?

Then Monday, I took Dean to work in the morning. Came home and went back to bed. When I got up, I found myself really wishing this menopause thing was in full force already (you can figure out what happened). Not pleasant. I go to the lady's house that I help. And she has a bug up her butt about something! She want's me to straighten out her closet. So, I open the door and everything she has bought recently is just thrown in there. It's a walk in closet and she has decided that she doesn't want the half million shoeboxes on the floor. "We" are going to put them up on the shelf. So, I take all the boxes, open them one at a time, and show her the shoes. She would then tell me if they stayed in the closet, or when to the basement for storage. After 3 hours of that, I go to Arby's and get lunch. When I go to open the front door, I dropped my iced sweet tea all over the front stoop!
Finally, it's time to go home. I hear a noise coming from the tire and feel a vibration. Dean checks it when I get home and finds I have a nail in my right rear tire. So, Tuesday, I have to have it fixed.
Monday! What else could have gone wrong? So, I went and did that on Tuesday, went and a battery put in the remote for the truck, and to the grocery store. A good day, but I still hear that noise and feel the vibration when I drive the car. I figure it's just my imagination working overtime cause they fixed my tire..........
Wednesday, I have to be at the lady's house at 7:30 a.m. because the electrician is coming to hang 2 chandeliers and a ceiling fan for her. She doesn't like to be alone in the house with strangers, so I go. I end up helping him--handing him pieces of the chandeliers and fan so he doesn't make 80 trips up and down the ladder- so it helped pass the time. We decided on Subway for lunch. I go out, and I have a flat tire! Not the same tire that was fixed the day before, the other rear tire! Straight up the street I go to the tire place again! This one has a piece of metal in it and I have to be another tire because that one's irrepairable! Go to Subway and get lunch and everthing is fine!
Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning and getting in touch with old friends via Facebook! The music for the song "Foot Stompin" always goes through my head. Except it's "Facebookin"! So, that was my week. I know I'm not the only one who didn't have a good one!
I'm glad it's now Friday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Really Pissed Me Off!!!!!!!

Get a big ol' tall ladder! This soap box is a biggie!!!

Today, the lady I aide, who I affectionately call D D cause her grand kids do, and I went to South Hills Village. She is an elderly lady who uses a device we call the wheelie cart to walk with. It's a walker on steroids, really. The rear wheels stay straight, but the front ones pivot. Much like those on a shopping cart. It even has handbrakes!

Anyway, she has the handicap placard that hangs from the rear view mirror as to legally park in the handicapped spaces. Well, the mall was very crowded today and there were no vacant hc spots available. But, the 3rd space from the door is open, and it is right next to the hc spaces, so we take it. After I get the wheelie cart out of the trunk and she gets out of the car, I see that the one occupant of a hc space is sitting in the vehicle with the motor running! He must be just waiting for someone who just had to "run in" the mall. Why he had to actually take a space is beyond me! Why couldn't he have waited at the curb, or in one of the aisles till his party came out?
Oh well. Whatever will be will be.
After doing our shopping, we come out to get back in the car and head somewhere for lunch. Isn't there a different vehicle in the other hc space doing the exact same thing as the guy that was there when we went in? OOOHHHHH! I was furious! 2 of the same offense in a matter of the 2 hours we were in the mall!!! To make matters worse, the car that was parked on the right of us (the hc spots are to our left) has left and somebody with a big ol' honkin' silver M300 has parked there and is extremely close to my car! And when I had parked, I hugged the left side where the yellow lines mark the space where the handicapped people should walk! So, you know that 300M parked close! There is no room now for D D to use her wheelie cart to get to the front door of the car. She has to abandon the device she relies on and go hand over hand on the car to support herself in order to get in.
People have no consideration!!! Don't take a hc spot if you don't really need it. Don't park so close to other cars that they can't open the doors to get in. Manners, people. Where are your manners?
I know the handicapped spots are the closest to the entrance of where ever you are going. The dr's office, the grocery store, Walmart, The mall, whatever. And you think, ah, I'll only be a minute. I just park here and hope I don't get caught. But don't do it. In that minute that you are inside, someone such as D D may need that space. That's why the sign is there. That's why the fine is so steep if you get caught. You are able to walk the extra distance. People like D D cannot!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Recommendation.......

This afternoon, the lady I aide and I went to see the movie "Julie and Julia". It was wonderful!Funny, enlightening and very entertaining!

Meryll Streep wonderfully plays The famous Julia Child. Her husband, Paul (no, not the soccer player-wrong era) is portrayed by Stanley Tucci.

In 2002, a Queens woman named Julie Powell decided to
make all the recipes in "Mastering the Art of French
Cooking", co-authored by Child, and blog about her Herculean and epicurean efforts. Powell imposed on herself a year's deadline: 524 recipes in 365 days. She was drowning in her mundane job, and cooking and the blogging saves her! Her dream is to actually meet the famous Julia Child, who was 90 years old in 2002.

Julie Powell is played by Amy Adams and her husband, Eric, is played by Chris Messina.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ah, The Weekend........

Dave wonders why the weekends disappear so quickly. Everyone that works M-F wonders that same thing!

We camped at the racetrack this weekend with Tom and Lisa.

Friday nite, after we had set up camp and ordered hoagie and pizza from the bar up the street, (literally, you can see it from where we camp. I don't think it's a half a mile away), we decide we were going to take a nap just as Tom and Lisa pulled in. So much for the Zzzzzzz's! They got their camp squared away and they went to get some grub. They weren't gone long when our friends Virg and Nick showed up. We hung out and when Tom got back from dinner, he started the campfire. we sat around a good while BS-ing and just enjoying each other's company! Since Dean and I had been up since 4 a m, (and the lack of that nap) we decided to hit the sack. Virg and Nick had left and Tom and Lisa weren't far behind us.
Saturday we got up and went to breakfast. We treated Tom since Lisa had left to go help a friend's mom with "catering" her wedding. Then we went to Janoski's farm market to see if our friend Deb was working. No. We joked that we think she doesn't really work there, she just steals boxes to help start the weekly campfire at the races!

Clinton's ( little town not far from the track) had it's annual community day Saturday. How do they kick it off? With a parade! So, when we left the farm, we had to detour around the parade route to get back. Long detour. You can't just go around the block out in the country!

We got back to camp and Dean snuck in a nap. I stayed outside and hung with Tom. Then I went to the store to get stuff to put on the ham sandwiches we were having after the races. Deb called and said she was going to stop by cause she had our pickles. She cans them herself and always has a couple of jars for Dean and I. We actually fight over them they are soooo good!
We laughed about her not really working at the farm and it wasn't long after I got back that she was there.

Tom smoked the ham and I had brought macaroni salad, so that was dinner. Then the rest was cut down for delicious ham sandwiches for later! Then into the track for racing! It was a fun wild night of racing! Fast cars, alot of passing, and some wild wrecks! Lisa got back from doing the wedding and had procured some of the extra food. It was still in the chafing dishes, so she put the sternos back under them to keep it hot till after the races. Yankee pot roast with potatoes and carrots and rigatoni! We had quite the spread and fed close to 50 people. Yes, we have alot of racing friends! Billy, Us, Mike, Dave, the Kachubas (pronounced KA Chew BA) I always do the thing from cars--ya know where Chick Hicks (the green racecar) says cachuga cachuga cachuga when wooing the crowd. Well I say Kahcuba Kachuba Kachuba when he's on the track! The Kugals, some of the Simmons', Joe Richards, Bryant Hank, and so many others! It was quite a spread and enjoyed by all! And no one got punched this year!
After going to bed about 4 a m, we got up about 9 and packed up camp and headed for home. It was a great weekend, but it went awfully quick!
We get WeeWee this weekend, then we race for 2 weekends and then it's our big September! Eldora in Ohio the 9th-13th. Pittsburgher (our big yearend race here) the 17th-20th. Deep Creek the 24th - 27th! Whew!

We'll Never Know Why

Tanya Flinner

Another young--very young--life has been lost in my racing community. Tanya, 16 years old, was in a car accident on August 12th. She was treated and released at the hospital ER. Went home, went to bed, woke up and told her dad she had a bad dream. Her sister, Taylor, went into the room and found Tanya not breathing. I don't know why the hospital released her, what they didn't find, what the bad dream was, or how long she had been not breathing when Taylor found her.
Why are the young people dying? Is it when your number's up, your number's up? Why did my dad die? Why did my brother in law die? They weren't in bad health. But things happen and I guess we'll never know the reasons. It just makes me so sad that a young, beautiful girl like this has been taken from this earth.

Taylor, John (Dad) and Tanya

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A hero is gone........

Tim Folmer Katterson

Tragic to think that ones so young die for whatever reason. He seemed like a good kid, but I didn't know the real Timmy, I guess.
Dean and I only knew him a year. Last year when that guy sucker punched Dean and split his lip, then I punched that guy, Tim stepped in front of me cause he saw the guy cock back to hit me. He said to the guy,"If you hit her, I will f***in' knock you into next week!" From then on, I called him "My hero". I barely knew him when that happened, but after that, we saw him at the track every week and he would hang at the camp or at the fire with us. He was even with us at our after race party at the end of June up in Lernerville (Butler).
He never caused any trouble around us, he always had that smile on his face and was always glad to see us!
They said he OD'd. I have to think it was accidental. There was no note or anything. Just too much of whatever and his brother found him in their mom's backyard and he was rushed to the hospital. They did everything they could for him and he was on life support. He had bodily functions for a while, then they did a brain scan and there was no activity. His mom, of course was hoping for a miracle. The doctors did some tests, but nothing stimulated any brain waves.....
They were advised to pull the plug on the life support. Timmy passed in a very short time after that. I was deeply saddened to have lost a friend who was so new.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Details, Details

Our truck (we call 'er Blue) is now 5 years old. From that many seasons at the dirttrack, she had track dust in nooks and crannies that even I couldn't clean. So, Dean wanted to have her detailed. We took her just up the road from our house to a little place called "Attention II Detail.
We had them Clean, degrease and Armorall the engine compartment, clean the interior, including carpet and upholstery, wash, claybar and wax the exterior. Claybar is cool. It gets rid of all those imperfections in the finish. It even feels different. The only word I can use to describe it when you touch the paint is soft. It makes it sooo smooth! We had a $25 off coupon from the Clipper Magazine! Dean had gotten his Deep Purple CD stuck in the truck's player, so they charged us $25 to get it out. that meant they had to take the dash apart to get inside the player. Apparently the gears that insert and eject discs are stripped. So, it only cost $149.99 plus tax! We thought it ws a deal! And the guys are nice and professional!


The lady I have been "taking care of" since getting laid off is in the hospital, so I've had yesterday and today to tend to other things. Yesterday, I went to the hospital to see her among other things. Today, I finished up the laundry and was watching the tube. QVC had a purse that I just loved! So, I bought it! Then I felt guilty for spending money on myself. I'm crazy, I know. I usually don't buy myself anything. I hate to clothes shop, so, it has to be real bad for me to buy myself clothes. We always pay our bills first, then if and when there is money left, we either put it away or it needs to go for a vehicle repair, gas, some unexpected home repair or something. Spending money on ourselves is always last. The most frivolent thing we've ever done is have the truck detailed. And big purchases, like the camper, was bought with our income tax return that year. I guess it's just me. It's not like my husband EVER says anything about me spending money on myself. I know some husbands ask their wives what did that out fit cost, or "another pair of shoes?" but not Dean. Never. I sent him a text after I ordered the purse and he text back "Cool!" How many husbands do that? It's just me. I know it's me. Maybe my sister's not the only one with a defective gene!