Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deer Camp; Lapse in Blogging; New Bathroom

It's the second week of deer camp and all the guys are here. We drink, play cards and shoot the bull but never shoot no deer. The only time we leave the camp is when we go for beer. The second week of deer camp is the greatest time of year!

Have you heard this song? It is a really funny song. But I think it sums up pretty well what REALLY goes on at deer camp. Grown men all together in a cabin, cottage, or camper and they don't have to watch their manners, they don't have to put the toilet seat down, they can do the Al Bundy position (hand down the front of the pants) while watching TV, get rip roarin' drunk, not make the bed every day, fart and burp without the wife making a disapproving scowl. They can act like the 8 year olds they are at heart, playing practical jokes on each other and just be plain asses and no one cares. They can let loose and just do just about anything short of getting injured or arrested and it's okay. It's their escape from reality. Away from the grind. Really. Where else can you take a shower with special hunting soap that takes away your own natural smell and then sprinkle deer urine on your shoe laces, use deodorant that doesn't smell like anything, put on your gear then go sit in a tree stand for hours and hours (yawn--oh sorry) and wait for a deer to mosey by so you can shoot it, gut it, drag it out of the woods, take it to a butcher or processor, then pay X number of $'s per pound for meat that you harvested your self?

My dad hunted for years. Never got a deer. Went to Uncle Jim's cottage every year. Came home with......Drinking stories! They were at the bar in Stoneboro (I think it's the bar my cousin now owns) and so and so said this or so and so did that. Funny stuff. I just can't remember any of the stories now. Dad went small game hunting too. Did he get anything? Rabbits, pheasants? Absolutely. And mom cooked them, too. Just never got no deer. Why? Cause.......
It's the second week of deer camp and all the guys are here. We drink, play cards and shoot the bull but never shoot no deer. The only time we leave the camp is when we go for beer. The second week of deer camp is the greatest time of year!
So, yes, Dave. I know. I haven't blogged in a week. By the time I had time to blog, I was too tired to think. So I waited till now. See we've been really busy here at the Rump household. We've been make preparations for a VERY special visitor who will be coming next month. NO, not Santa! MY SISTER! Man I am getting excited. Then I think about all the stuff I still have to do and wonder if there's enough time. But, somehow, it will all get done. And it will be beautiful....
The biggest thing is the remodeling of the bathroom. Painted the ceiling and walls. New linoleum on the floor-which meant lifting out the commode, and tearing out the vanity sink. We used the same commode, but got a new vanity and sink with new faucet, new towel bar, towel ring and TP holder. There will be a new light fixture and new medicine cabinet w/mirror. These two things are not up yet. Prolly do that tomorrow night and then that will give me the weekend to clean and put everything back in--towels, wall decorations, shower curtain. Hopefully, the camera was able to process the before pictures I took before it died. When all is done, I will take after pictures and post them all. So, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but we are getting ready for sister Darlene!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Salary Made Public?;Thanksgiving Eve; Thanksgiving Day Parade;

For some god unknown reason, the powers that be think that Joe Paterno's annual salary figure should be made public knowledge. Joe Paterno! He is the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. Has been for, what, 43 years?
Paterno has posted a 363-121-3 mark in 41 seasons as head coach and ranks second in career wins among major college coaches and fourth all-time. His winning percentage of 74.8 is fifth-best among active Division I-A coaches (10 or more years) and he is second all-time in games coached (487) among major college coaches.
Paterno is the all-time leader among coaches in bowl appearances (33) and post-season triumphs (22). His overall post-season record of 22-10-1 gives him a winning percentage of 67.2, good for No. 4 among the bowl season's best of all-time. The Nittany Lions are 16-6 in New Year's bowl games under Paterno and 12-4 in contests that comprise the Bowl Championship Series. Since Paterno took over in 1966, Penn State has had 73 first-team All-Americans, with senior linebacker Paul Posluszny earning first-team honors in 2006 for the second consecutive season. Junior linebacker Dan Connor also received first-team accolades. Over the same span, the Lions have counted 15 Hall of Fame Scholar-Athletes, 26 first-team Academic All-Americans (35 overall) and 18 NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship winners. Winner of the 2005 Butkus and 2005 and `06 Bednarik awards, Posluszny was selected the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American®-of-the-Year in Division I football, becoming the fifth Nittany Lion to twice be selected a first-team Academic All-American®.
Paterno's coaching portfolio includes two National Championships (1982, 1986); five undefeated, untied teams; 20 finishes in the Top Ten of the national rankings; five AFCA Coach-of-the-Year plaques, and more than 300 former players who have signed National Football League contracts, 31 of them first-round draft choices. A school-record four Lions were selected in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft.
His teams have registered seven undefeated regular-seasons and he has had 32 teams finish in the Top 25. Penn State has won the Lambert-Meadowlands Trophy, emblematic of Eastern football supremacy, 22 times in Paterno's coaching run, including in 2005.

The man is 81 years old (come Dec. 21) and still coaching. He was made Assistant coach in 1957 and gained the head coaching position in 1964. So WHY does the public need to know his salary? Is it any of our business? The job he has is not that of a public official. He was not elected by the people of the city, county, state or country to do his job. He does not work for the citizens of this land. He works for Penn State University. No one has said that my salary or your salary needs to be made public. Are the professors' salaries at Penn State public knowledge? Then why his? It's no one's damn business!!!!


Last night, Dean, Lisa and Tom, and I went to the Rythm House in Bridgeville to see the Fabulous Gunslingers play. They had an opening act-Brynn Marie- which, I think was booked by the bar and not a collaboration by the Gunslingers and Brynn Marie. She had an awesome voice. She did alot of Sugarland songs-quite well, too and Carrie Underwood's When He Cheats, and various other songs as well as some original material. Her band-sucked. They did a rendition (without her) of Neil Young's Helpless. Awful. They did Stevie Ray Vaughn's Pride and Joy and it was so bad, it took me till the middle of the 2nd verse to even know what the song was! The Gunslingers, of course were awesome and did some new cover songs ans well as some new original material. If you haven't checked out their MySpace, which you can get to by going to their website,, and heard their sound, you can get a good idea of what they sound like if you have ever heard Luke Bryant's song All My Friends Say. The first time I heard it on the radio, I thought the Gunslingers had gotten another song airplay!

We had dinner while the opening act performed. Dean and I both had Delmonico steak with roasted garlic red mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Shrimp bisque was the soup or you could get salad. We both opted for the Bisque. Excellent for the price of $13.99. Tom and Lisa had a huge appetizer sampler and deep fried batter shrimp. They shared some appetizers with us since there was sooo much! Everything was Yum-O! We danced and visited with many friends during the evening. The place was packed! It amazes me that when I get out on the dance floor and start dancin' and wigglin' my badonkadonk, that young guys will jump in and start dancing with me. It's really neat that they don't see me as some old lady makin' a fool of herself on the dance floor and just as some lady that's out to have fun. Dean does not fast dance unless he's really drunk, and that ain't pretty. Can you say "no rythm" boys and girls? So, wehn the band was done, we said our goodbyes and holiday wishes to our friends in the band, their wives and girlfriends and got home at 3 a.m. Great night!


We are eating early today because dean's brother Mark has to work tonight. So, last night, I told Dean I set the alarm for 8:30 so we could get the turkey in by 9:30 and he would be done at 2:30. We are planning on eating at 3:30. He said that wasn't early enough that the turkey wouldn't be done by then. So, I backed the alarm to 8 a.m. Doesn't he come in and wake me up at 20 to 8? We gotta get done. We have to take and drop his car off at Mike's shop cause the water pump is going. I get up, help him prep the bird, he stuffed one end, I stuffed the other, slather him in butter, tied him up and put him in the pan. Oh, the turkey, not Dean! But that's a thought! lol. I read the suggested cooking time on the package of the turkey to Dean. If we put him in now (it was a little after 8 at this point) he will be done at 1. Way too early! So, he said we would just put him in before we left. That ended up being a little after 9. So, back on schedule. After dropping the car at Mike's, we went and had breakfast at Mickey D's. Cinnamon Melts and coffee! Yum-O. Those cinnamon melts are to die for! I called my sister, who's call I had missed last night while we were out at the bar and must not have heard my phone over the noise. Her and I talked the whole time Dean and I were coming home! We haven't talked that long on the phone in I can't tell you how long! It was great! I can't wait till she gets here! 34 days!!!! So, I have cleaned all week and didn't get the china cupboard back together. I had run my crystal chutskies thought the dishwasher on the "gentle" cycle and needed to get them out and put them back out. While I am doing that, Dean put the Macy's parade on. He swithced to something else, and when I mentioned it, I got the parade at Disney World. NO-need the Macy's parade. Hello! So, it gets that back on and the usual is going on. Bands, Floats, Balloons. Dean gets ready and leaves to go get Jordan and Sara. Attention back to the parade --Then----JORDIN SPARKS!!!!!! The Amercan Idol winner of this year!!!! She was awesome! And a little while later- the grand finale! SANTA!!!!!! He was a very good Santa. Holding his belly while he laughed -HO HO HO!!! Smiling, eyes twinkling, playing to the crowd! Great Santa and wonderful Santa suit. I actually got teary eyed watching him because he was so good that it brought alot of memories of my childhood back which in turn make me think of mom and dad who aren't with me anymore. But, at least I have all those great memories and now am creating new ones with Dean, and Jordan. Memories are priceless but they are stuck in my mind! I wish may parents had taken more pictures when I was growing up......................


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Steeler Day; Football Pool; Chores


It's Steeler Sunday again! We play the Jets IN New York. Now the Jets haven't been so good this year. So, hopefully the Steelers don't take this game as a gimme and think they can just go in an walk all over the Jets, because when they get that attitude, things go wrong. We'll see.............

We have a weekly football pool at work. Everyone gets a paper with the week's matchups on it and you have to circle your picks. Then as a tie breaker, you have to write down how many total points will be scored in the Steeler game. Then you put your name on it and pay $5. Greg, our shipper/receiver at work keeps the money and pays the winner on Tuesday. (He's off on Mondays and we usually need to see who won on Monday nite anyway) The person or people who have picked the most correct winners, win the pot. It usually is about $60. Here's mine for this week:


Well, we have lots of chores du jour today. Dean has gone to the store to get supplies, and I have to seperate laundry and get that started, and we have to do some cleaning. We are having Sara and Jordan, his brothers Mark and Vince over for Thanksgiving dinner, so I want the house to be all shiny and pretty. So, I better get moving before he gets back from the store.

If you don't hear from me before..........

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, you turkeys!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

More of "Oh, crap", but first.......

Have you seen this? It is great. All the major players and coaches from the start of the team through present day. Really nice.

Speaking of the Steelers, 2 weeks ago, they kicked serious Baltimore Butt! Last week, they struggled and with a little persistants and luck, Cut Cleveland off at the knees. Dean and I went to the club to meet Tom and Lisa (shown below with Dave P. on the left) and had drinks, watched the game in HD on the huge Plasma TV. It was awesome. Lots of cheers on ohs. It remided me of the times when my brother worked at Steak and Ale on 51 (Toys R Us is there now) and we go there to watch the plyoff and Superbowl Games back in the 70's and early 80's.

Anyway, things were going pretty smoothely at work with the computer today, or so I thought. It seems it is not exactly like it was before it crashed. And I find out that I haven't had a valid back up since 02/06! How much does that suck? Hopefully the guys at InSinc will be able to extract the info off of my hard drive and I will be able to have all my info again. But, I don't know why the back up changed. I used to be able to open Sonic, click on Parker Plastics, then click add and click the big red button and it backed up. I never changed how I did it from day one of getting a computer at work (that's another story). But, obviously, something changed in Feb. of 06 and I never knew it. When I make this discovery, guess who I call. Yep. Dave. I had to leave him voice mail, cause he was moving shelving or something at work. One of his many hats he wears at work, I s'pose. Anyway, he call me back and I tell him what i discovered and stuff and I get "oh, Crap" again. The more I tell him, the worse it gets and I even got a "Holy Crap" at one point. Holy crap, I think, is worse than Oh crap. But with what I tell him I have found and what it's doing as far as where it's storing my backup, which is on the hard drive and not on the disc I put in, he tells me how to get from the hard drive to back up on the disc. I am thinking" no wonder my hard drive went!" I was able to do today's work, finish the rest of the other work that was piling up on my desk from last Thursday till now waiting for the computer to be funtional again, got all my filing done, and my desk looks back to normal again! Thank God! But while I was going through some stuff in the one drawer of my desk, I found the Windows XP disc that came with the computer! I wouldn't have had to wait for a disc from Dell at all if I had known I had that! For some reason, it wasn't with all the other computer stuff I had--all the other discs and the printed manuals and such. Hmmmmmmmmm. Well, now we know if that ever happens again! Holy Crap!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

WoooooooHoooooooo!; Yea!; BB; Gloom, Despair and Agony on me

Well, today I was finally able to load the contents of my back up into my computer and get it functional. The thing is that I lost all my Word documents. I am hoping that when the InSinc people extract the info from my old drive that that will all come back. Will it, Dave? Dave. I don't call him the Guru for nothing. He is all knowing. Anyhoo, I was able to enter the back log of manually typed orders that I had for this past week. I made a big dent in my pile already today and tomorrow will be even better! I just have dig further to see what info I have actually lost, if any. My custom layouts for my Invoices and Packing Slips were still there, but I had to redo the company logo, name and address so it would print on those forms as well. don't know why it lost that..........But, Wooohooooooo I am back folks!

Oh, while we are on woohooing things........No bout of Road Rage today!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yea! :-)
It doesn't suck to be me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sucks to be this guy.......

Well, Barry Bonds was indicted for his involvement with Steroids, aka performance enhancing drugs. Now, the Giants don't want him back next year. He has been using Steroids since Lord knows when. He first tested positive in 2001. 2001! That's over 6 years ago! So, why indict him now. Why should the Giants get rid of him now? Oh, because now it's not acceptable to do steroids? I have never liked Barry Bonds. Even when he played for the 'Burgh's Pirates, I didn't like him because he never said anything nice or positive about our city or team. It was a paycheck and a stepping stone for him I think because he always wanted to play for the Giants. Because that's who his dad played for. But, just because I don't like him, I still don't believe that the powers that be should make him the poster child for steroid use in baseball. There are so many others that you don't even hear about.............It just seemed that on tonight's news, they were acting like it's the first time it ever happened. Like who hasn't known Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire weren't doing 'roids? PA-----leeeeez!

Oh, by the way? The Washington Wildthings --that's the AAA ball team here that plays at Falconi Field in Washington, PA, has offered Bonds a contract. I think the pay is something like $1400 a month for the summer months that they train and play only, not for the whole year. Like I said, sucks to be this guy.
Well, not gloom or despair but definitely agony. Yesterday and today I had to get up in the middle of the night (4 a.m.) to take Dean to work. They had big breakfast parties they were catering that had to be out by 6:30 or something and in order for him to get all he had to do done, he had to go in a half an hour early. Usually, he takes the bus into town, but the first bus(the one which he is always on in the mornings) doesn't come until 5:10. No good. So, he drives his car to leave it at the park and ride, I pick him up, drive him to work and come back home. I can go back to bed for two hours! This morning, I did just that, but when I went to get up outta bed, I was lying on my left side as per my usual, and tryed to push myself up into a sitting position with my left elbow. Follow me, here. Well, just as I get about a third of the way vertical, WHAM! pain in my shoulder blade! I manage to get through work by taking 800mg Motrin with my morning coffee and again right after lunch. It still hurts now but has crept up into my neck. When I was successful at the reloading of my backup on my computer today, I threw my arms up and hollered WooooooooHOOOOOOOOOO! then immediately said goddamit with about as much excruciating pain as I have felt in a very long time. Wooohooo was a big mistake. Huge! It's hell to get old. You never know when the ol' body is going to play tricks on ya. I guess I'll go see if I can get Dean to use the massager on it that Shan and Dave got us for Christmas a few years back. We really use the hell out of that thing. Then I'll get him to put Ben Gay on it. Love that stuff too..............

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid Woman Driver; Dude, I gotta Dell & Thank God for Dave; Columbia House

I'm too pissed off for my shirt, too pissed off for my shirt, too pissed off. Come on, now sing it with me (to the tune of I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt) I'm too pissed off for my shirt, too pissed of for my shirt, I'm too pissed off.

Okay, after work I went to the bank to deposit my pay check. I leave the bank and drive to the intersection by McDonald's to turn onto Lebanon Church Road. There are 3 lanes: one to turn left, the middle lane to go straight, and the right lane to do guess what? TURN RIGHT! There's a car in front of me that pulls up to the intersection (she's the first vehicle in line and I am right behind her) and she straddles the right and middle lanes! And she doesn't even pull all the way up like she should. She stops about 10 feet behind the wide white line where your SUPPOSED to stop. So, I blow the horn. She moves up about 3 feet. I blow again. And she moves up a good bit, but doesn't move to the appropriate lane. Now, I have to say that the painted lines that define these lanes have faded, but damn, common sense would tell you that you are blocking a lane when there is someone right on your ass blowing their horn with their right turn signal flashing! And you know the whole time I am in the truck yelling at her and telling her how stupid she is and all that. I wanted to get out of the truck, go up to the big fat black woman's window and say, PICK A LANE!!!! But I didn't. probably would have gotten shot or something. If she would have moved to the left while moving up, I could have gotten past her.Yeah, I was pretty pissed. It used to be the old gray haired men in the Cadillacs. Now it's fat black women in Lexuses. When will it stop? Will people ever learn how to drive? Can't they just use common sense, follow the rules, and drive a couple of miles an hour faster than me when they're in front of me? Is that too much to ask? Is it? I get road rage really badly. Oddly, the subject for tomorrow's morning show is who are better drivers, Men or Women? For me, that's a toss up because I've seen as many bad men drivers as I have seen women. Men complain about women puttin' on their make up while they drive. I've seen men shaving, reading maps, combing their hair, tying their tie, and reading the newspaper, and talking on their cell phone while smoking a cigarette and trying to shift. Driving is a multitasking duty in itself. Don't be doin' all that other stuff too. I talk on my cell phone while I drive, but to me, it's not any different than carrying on a conversation with some one who is actually in the vehicle with you. Dean? No. Doesn't do well talking on the phone and driving at the same time. Hell, he makes me nervous just driving!
Warning: Semi-techie stuff ahead.......Now, if you read previous posts, you know about my computer woes at work. Well, I finally got the disc they said I needed yesterday. I put it in the drive and call Dave. Not . Dave. My nephew. Yeah, he's the one. He tells me what to type and we go back and forth with me telling him what the screen is saying and him telling me what to do. Then it gets to a point where it is going through stuff and Dave says call me back when it gets to 100% or the C prompt or something. Well, 2 hours later, it has gotten to 50% and says corrupt something or other unrecoverable blah blah. I call Dave back. He says "Oh crap!" No, no , no. Not oh crap. I don't want oh crap. I want okay do this and that and it will be all better. No. I get oh crap. Daves' diagnosis is the hard drive is probably fried, at least partly. I get off the phone with him and the dude from Dell calls me and asks me what is happening. I tell him what we (Dave and I) did, but I didn't tell him who we was, and told him what the result was and he said "oh, crap". Is this a tech support term for when things go totally awry? I am thinkin' it is. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. So dude from Dell says he will send a new hard drive to the tech in my area and have him come put it in for me since his oh crap diagnosis is the same as Dave's. But, that won't be till tomorrow till he gets the drive and once he receives the drive, the tech will call me to tell me his ETA to my office. Well, at 1:30 today, I call the dude at Dell and and leave a voice mail that I haven't heard from the tech can he find out status for me. At 2:00, the tech calls me and says he is about 20 minutes away. Turns out it was 10. So, he comes in, takes the side off the computer, takes out the hard drive puts the new one in, does a diagnostic to make sure the mother board can see the hard drive and oila'! he's done. No software reloaded, nothing. Blank. More blank than when I got the computer in the first place. You would think that the nasty lookin', bad comb over guy would have at least reloaded my software for me. No. Not his job. Call Dave. Dave tells me everything to do and it will take about 35 - 40 minutes for this to load. Bingo! 39 minutes. Man, he's good. So, when it's done, I call him back, he tells me what else to do, I do it and didn't have to call again today. He's probably glad of that. What a pain in the butt of an Aunt that don't know scutta (I would say crap, but that's a technical term used by the pros) about computers. So, we keep the old drive as per Dave's suggestion and it turns out there's a computer place called InSinc up the road from us and Kenny called them to see if they could extract the info from my drive and put it on disc for us to reload so as not to lose too much info. They are willing to try it and it will cost $60. If that doesn't work, then there is the option of removing the disc from inside the drive and getting the info off of it, but that will be to the tune of $1,000. I think that's not happenin' unless I can get it to Dave and back before 10 days is up. Not likely. And Dell is upposed to send the disc for the backup program I use so that I can put in the back up and get the info off of it. Keeps your fingers, legs, toes, and eyes crossed that something in this fiasco goes smoothely.....
In the mail today there is a box with a DVD in it from Columbia House. Dean and I are members that have fulfilled all obligatory purchases, but have kept our membership in the event something comes out we actully want. So, every month, we get a catalog and an order card to accept or decline that month's Director's Selection. I usually always decline it. I do it online and keep the confimation email from them until I get the next month's. So, the DVD today was Transformers-the movie. That was 2 month's ago that I declined that one! So, it will be sent back tomorrow with a nasty note on the carton. I did choose to accept (now this is a while ago) the Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. Never got that one. Got billed for it. But, never got it. That bill went back with a nasty note on it too. But they never sent the movie. I wonder if they know what they're doing sometimes...............
So, that's been my life today. Sucks to be me.............

Saturday, November 10, 2007

WooooHooooo!/Nani (rhymes with Donny)

This is one of the things I wanted to get Jordan for Christmas. Simple, right? A tricycle. your basic steel and chrome with rubbery hand grips and real rubber wheels. I found it online at KB toys and thought they would have in the store at the mall. Wrong. Toys R Us doesn't have one either. They have a retro Radio Flyer brand that just didn't appeal to me as far as the style. I wanted one as close in style as I could get as the one I had when I was little. It was the Cadillac, no, LEXUS of tricycles. So, we did get alot of things at Toys R US and other than some clothes, there is one more thing I want for him. It's the Mater chair. Ya know Mater. From Cars. The chair says like 6 or so Mater sayings when you sit in it. Really Cool. So, we got him Tuff Rumblin Dump Truck and the Frontloader-tough plastic by Fisher Price, but are about the size of the big Tonka dump truck. Sesame Street Tub windups-Ernie's speedboat and Elmo's submarine, A radio controlled truck, and Racin' Ramps Garage(my nephews had the original version of this when they were little)--All made by Fisher Price and age appropriate! I am such a good shoppin' Nani! (Rhymes with Donnie-it's what Jordan calls me). So, I go online when we get home to see if anyone has this tricycle in the store. NOPE. Online only. KB had it listed when I found it the first time for $29.99 and free shipping. Well, everyone must of jumped on that, cause I couldn't find it today! Not even a disclaimer that said they were out of stock or anything. So, I resort to a web search and find it for $33 + 7.95 shipping at Baby So, I talked to Dean and he said if it made me happy, get it. So, it should be on it's way. WooooooooHooooo! So, I guess this was a Christmas shopping update as well.
Well, you might wonder why DOES Jordan call me Nani? It's actually the name I picked for him to call me when he was born. I didn't want to be Gram, MiMi, Mam ma, mawmaw, granny, grandma or anything like that. Bob had an Aunt from Hawaii whose name was Nani. She was married to his Uncle Chuck-Frank's(Bob's dad) brother. I loved that woman! She was such a great lady! And I liked her name as much as I liked her, so that's how I picked that. Her and Uncle Chuck and their 3 kids lived in California. The one son was actually Mr. Hawaii or something like that at one time and Aunt Nani was a descendant of King Kamayamaya (sp?). Just in case you were wondering................

Friday, November 9, 2007

Where's a cop when you need one?; 'Puter woes

Warning: Soapbox time!
Does anyone in the US know what this sign means? I am beginning to think not!

When I am coming home from work the other night, in front of WM#3-that's the West Mifflin #3 Fire Hall on Lebanon Church Road, there's a traffic light. A block up, is another one. Now, this is where the road splits and the left lane has to bear left onto Buttermilk Hollow and the right lane continues on Lebanon Church toward Dravosburg, Glassport and or Mckeesport. This sign appears at the light for the firehall. This would be incase there were a fire and the firemen can get into the firehall and the trucks need to get out across traffic. So, traffic infront of me that is going left, stops at the second light. So, I stop before the intersection at the firehall untill they all get bunched up and stopped to see if I will fit in line without blocking the intersection. I WILL fit so, move up in line. BUT, the person behind me AND the person behind them do not. So, they've blocked the intersection. It is just then theat I am wishing for the fire whistle to go off!!!!! THEN, yesterday morning on my way TO work, there is a similar intersection configuration at Brownsville/Broughton Roads just before Horning Road. I again stop to see if I will fit in line, and see that I will and start to continue forward. Just as I do, the guy that was behind me, whipped out around me and pulls in front of me! I almost hit him! What are people thinking? He didn't even get his car pulled all the way into line, just the nose or a little more. His backend was stills ticking out into the other lane! Jerk. I hate people like that!! Obey the damn rules when you drive! Oh, and tonight coming home? Some chic in the FAST lane in a 40 mph zone, again on Lebanon Church, is going 35 blankety blank, freakin' mph!!!! GO the speed limit!!!!!!!! George Carlin said, if your in the fast lane, your ass better be on Rock and roll!
My computer at work went kaplewie yesterday. Who do I call? Dave. Where's Dave? In a conference. Crap. Well, don't know how long he'll be, so I call Dell. Tell the service tech Cedric, what the error messages are I have. I was so thankful that he was english speaking and he was not in India, but he was in Nashville! He was even a Steeler fan and said he was wearing a Steeler jersey! Well, he says he needs to send me a disc to reload on my computer since they seem to not have sent this particular disc with the computer when I got it. Says it will be ther tomorrow (meaning Friday). So, this morning, I do what work I can via typewriter (ugh!) and sit and wait for the disc to arrive. At 2 o'clock, I call Cedric and make sure it went out. It did and he gives me the tracking number for DHL who they use to ship it. I go into Kenny's office, get online, and track the package. It says "more address information needed". So I call the 800 number on the screen, give the rep the tracking number and tell her what's on my screen. She says" Are you Davis County School?" No, I'm Parker Plastics Corp. 3585 Valley Drive, blah blah blah. She tells me that is the problem. The address is correct, but the name is wrong so the driver wouldn't deliver it. Now, I had seen the DHL van in our driveway about 11:30, but no one came to the door for me to sign for a package. I said, well, it was from Dell. She said yes. I said can he bring it back? No. I have to call Dell back and tell them to correct the name on the package from their end and then I will get it on Monday. But I need it today!!!!!!! DHL does not do a reattempted delivery on the same day, ma'am, I am told. CRAP! So, I guess I have to wait till monday. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!!! I have only been in the 21st century for 2 years (at work anyway) please don't make me go back to the dark ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CMA's; Too much TV; update on Christmas shopping

AND the winner is...........................

Mr. George Strait for song AND album of the year! I've always liked George. Distinguished and eloquent. But what is the difference between song of the year and single of the year? Did I mention Handsome? One of the writers on song of the year was Bill Anderson. He has to be older than dirt! I think he even hosted a game show in the 70's or 80's. But he has been around a long time. I believe my dad had one of his albums.............. Sidebar: speaking of dads, The patriarch of the Osmond clan died on Tuesday morning. George Osmond. 90 years old. 9 kids, 55 grandkids, and 48 great grandkids. I was an Osmond (okay, Donny Osmond)fan when I was a preteen/young teenager. But, ya know, he's still good looking. He has a 2 year old grandson too.

Back to our winners................

Miss Taylor Swift received the Horizon award for being the
newcomer. Only 17, and WOW! Her gown? An Elegant choice.

Miss Carrie Underwood. American Idol Winner 2 years ago. Horizon award last year. Female vocalist AND song of the year with Before He Cheats. Excellent video and an anthem for any girl who's been cheated on! She is so beautiful, eloquent and the gowns she chooses for the ceremony are impeccable! She is like a young Reba McIntyre! Or Loretta Lynn. Once Loretta Lynn was deemed the Queen of Country Music, the gowns she performed in were fabulous! Carrie's got that going on. I could see her having that title someday.

Sugarland. Vocal Duo of the Year? I liked them better on their first song, Love, Your Baby Girl, when the dark haired, dyke lookin' chic was playin' guitar too. They weren't a duo then, though, were they? Not crazy about them, but I do sing along with their songs for the most part. Better than Brooks and Dunn who they knocked for the first time in 6 years? No.

Rascall Flatts got Vocal Group of the year. Better than it being the Dixie Chics.

Musical Event of the Year went to Tracey Lawrence, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney for Find Out Who Your Friends Are. Was there another musical event?

Brad Paisley. Male vocalist and Video of the year for Online. Got to love him. And his wife is adorable as herself and as Dana on According to Jim.

Kenny Chesney. Entertainer of the year! His summer stadium shows are supposed to great! I used to like him alot, but when he and Renee Zellweger got their marriage annulled, I didn't like him as much anymore.

So, after two hours of alot of stuff I could have done without, another CMA is put to bed.


So, I'm sure that those of you that read my blog regularly have noticed it's been over a week since my last entry. Well, with all the new shows on TV, I just haven't been able to tear my butt away from it to come in here and post. By the time I get home from work, have dinner, do dishes, feed the dogs and let them out, I about have time to check email and news and that's it. This weekend we had Jordan, and that just takes all my time as he's always on the go and "exploring". My mother called it "getting into things". But he doesn't know what he's allowed or not allowed to do until he "explores" the territory and finds out. If he's not told no, then it's ok to do. And then, unlike my nephew, I am not usually on the computer late at night. This post is at a most unusual time for me.


My Christmas shopping update. I have gotten one more thing for my sister and I've gotten my brother's gift. I tried to order Dave's, but the darn thing is sold out! Can't get it anywhere! Who knew this item would be THAT popular? I haven't given up yet though. I am hoping more will come in. So, that brings me to Emily, Shan, my brother and one guy in the office, my friend Lisa and her husband Tom that have a big done stamp on them. AMEN! I still have Patty, my sister in law, 3 office gifts, Mark and Angela (Dean's brother and his girlfriend), Vince (Dean's other brother), Sara, Nick, if hasn't gone to the service by then, and to finish Dean and Jordan to finish as well. But I do have the list made for Jordan and that's a big step and help!

Well, I'm off to bed! The time change is really screwing with me. It's a little easier to get up in the morning when it's somewhat light out, though. I hated getting up in the dark.