Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter, the Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!, Up a Creek Without a........BOAT?

So, it is once again time for Easter. The time that Christians believe that Christ rose from the dead. Hmmmmmmm. Was he immortal? And why in Heaven's name do they not mention Mary Magdeline being his girlfriend in the Bible? Because we can't preach that Jesus' girlfriend was actually a prostitute? I don't get that. But then, there's alot of stuff I don't get. Especially when it comes to what's written in the Bible.......
No, Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling. It's just April in Pittsburgh! Once again we have snow on Easter weekend! I remember when I was little, wearing my new Easter dress, and maybe wearing a new spring coat, but I don't remember it snowing on Easter! The experts say that we we have had more Easters that it has snowed than we have had Christmas days that it has snowed. Interesting fact there, ay?
Since I was off work on Good Friday (paid holiday for me-yippee!) I picked Jordan up on Thursday night. We took him home today after lunch. I went for a massage today (my birthday present from Dean) and that was incredible. Almost better than sex. Almost. So, while I went for my massage, Dean and Jordan stayed at home and hung out. So, as soon as I leave the house, what happens? Yep. you guessed it. Jordan pooped! Since you don't want to leave that on him for ANY length of time, Dean has to change him! Dean does not do well with poopie diapers! I can just imagine his eyes watering, the gagging, coughing and spitting that was going on during the change. By Dean. I am sure Jordan was fine throughout the whole thing. His aromatic bodily discharge never seems to bother him.........
So, we all went to Walmart last night to get the odds and ends needed to do the easter baskets.I wanted to get bath tub toys for Jordan's basket. Can you find bathtub toys? Nooooo! I wanted some little plastic boats and a rubber ducky and whatever else I could find for him to play with in the water when he gets a bath when he's here. Can you find little plastic boats? Nooooooooooo. So, after wandering around the toy department aimlessly, we find an associate and ask him. He says he doesn't believe there are any little boats anywhere, but they have bathtub letters and number, Wrong! That bin was empty. Well, he says, I know they have rubber duckies over in the infant/toddler section. They sure did! In standard yellow (like Earnie's from Sesame Street) Lime Green, Blue, and Fushia. So, we got one of each color! We did find one boat, but it was not what I was looking for. It was a Fisher Price Pirate Ship that was probably 10 inches long, 5 inches wide at the middle, and maybe 10 inches high at the mast for $12.95! I did find him a nice Pete(lime) green ball, though. He liked that just fine. Threw it and chased it all over the house! But, I just wanted some little plastic boats. I will check the dollar store and hopefully find some. If not, it looks like we're up a creek without a boat...........

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--David said...

Okay, I started replying, then got long-winded, so here is my take on some things 'biblical...'

"Aromatic bodily discharge..." that's one way of putting it... Though, from the context, I'm not sure if you're talking about Jordan's aroma or Dean's.. LOL :-)

I am very surprised you didin't find the bathtub toys in the "Kid Connection" aisle... I know the plastic boats you're talking about, and I am pretty sure I have seen them in the 'blue-and-white' aisle.... I'll have to look... :-)